My two new wigs that came in, and the costumes they go with! ヾ(◔ヮ◕ヾ )

I’m not saying I decided to get Mako finished because Nabeshin himself will be there this weekend, but…! (oh Ichiro-honey’s not going this year woe is me)

Amelia pic is blurry. Given that I’ll be taking pictures with at least two Linas though, I’m sure there will be better ones! A true hero’s work is never finished and her feet are never tired, after all!!

I still need pictures of Issun and Pony. Already got plenty of Raine and Kugelmugel, I’m sure. Raine and Amelia wigs still need plenty of styling, I need a haircut for Pony, and Issun’s entire thing has never been worn at once. This will be interesting.

I still need to do one bracelet for Amelia, decorate Raine’s staff, find my real blazer for Mako, finish painting Lina’s crap, find my badges and beret for Kugel, get Lina’s wig styled (when it arrives)… and pack.

Come at me, weekend.


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