So I made this RPer meme while I was wrapping up this round of floriography research.

Acorn: What would your character do if they lived forever?

Azalea: Who does your character wish would take better care of themselves?

Bay leaf: What gives your character strength?

Briony: What’s one time your character has helped a friend?

Cattail: Is your character at peace with themself? Why or why not?

Cyclamen: Who is someone your character has had to say good-bye to?

Daffodil: Has your character ever had unrequited love for someone? Have they ever loved someone but held it in for any reason?

Daisy: Four things that make your character happy.

Edelweiss: Describe a time your character has had to be brave.

Eglantine: Has your character ever had a wound or pain that didn’t heal?

Fern: Does your character have any magical abilities?

Foxglove: Has your character ever lied about something?

Geranium: What’s one mistake your character remembers making?

Gladiolus: What’s one time your character has stuck to their morals and convictions?

Honeysuckle: Who does your character love like family?

Heather: Who is someone your character wants to protect?

Ivy: Has your character ever thought about getting married? Would they like it?

Iris: If your character could send one person a message, who and what would it be?

Jonquil: Has your character ever confessed their love for someone? How did it go?

Jasmine: Whats one thing your character wants?

Kennedia: One thing your character admires in someone.

Kalanchoe: Is your character well-liked by their friends?

Laurel: If your character could be remembered for one thing, what would it be?

Love-lies-bleeding: Has your character ever done something even though they didn’t want to?

Marigold: Describe a time or reason your character felt jealousy.

Moonflower: What’s one dream your character has had?

Nightshade: What is a painful truth your character has had to face?

Nettle: What’s one person your character hates/dislikes and why?

Oak leaves: Describe a victory your character is proud of.

Oleander: What’s one thing your character should beware of?

Pine: What is something your character wishes they could move on from?

Poppy: What is something your character wants to forget?

Queen Anne’s Lace: If your character could pretend one thing, what would it be?

Quince: One temptation your character has had.

Rosemary: What is something your character will always remember?

Pink Roses: Who is someone your character has wanted to make happy?

Red Roses: Who is someone your character has truly loved?

White/Red Rose: Who is someone your character has found themselves cooperating with when they didn’t expect it?

Sage: What is one thing they have learnt?

Snowdrop: Describe a time they felt hope.

Tulip: Has your character ever been in romantic love with someone? Are they still?

Thistle: What’s one time your character has been angry and harsh with someone?

Utricularia: Five things your character likes.

Umbrella sage: Where does your character consider home?

Purple Violet: Are there any topics your character dodges?

White Violet: When’s the last time your character told the truth about something?

Wallflower: What’s one time your character has endured underdifficult circumstances?

Water-lily: What’s one quote from your character?

Xeranthum: If your character died right now but could have one wish for the world come true, what would it be?

Xanthoriza: What’s something your character has run away from?

Yew: What makes your character sad?

Yarrow: What would your character go to war over?

Zinnia: Does your character ever miss their friends?

Pink Zinnia: Who will your character always be friends with?


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